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A Member’s Story…

“I just celebrated my three year anniversary here at Pittsburgh North Fitness and what I can tell you is that the workouts are so different, so unique….they really give you an effective workout. The trainers are great and I’ll tell you one thing if come here you will feel it, but you will look great!” – Ken R.


A Member’s Story…Angie D.


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A Member’s Story…

PNF Member Leslie M.’s story.

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An Interview With A Member…

“I’m so happy I found PNF!” – An interview with PNF Member Patty P.

What were your workouts like before joining?

I’ve tried many different kinds of workouts before joining PNF. I had hired a personal trainer at a larger “chain” gym and not that the trainer was bad, but I did not lose any weight!

I just don’t think he tailored it enough to my specific needs. I also joined other gyms, but found myself focusing solely on the elliptical and treadmill. I lost some weight, but then I think my body grew accustomed to the same workout, and I stopped losing weight.
I also bought several workout DVDs, but soon lost the motivation to keep up with those as there was no customization with the workouts, and they soon grew boring.
As far as nutrition, I did not eat terribly. If anything, at times I did not eat enough! This I found later only hindered my progress. Now, I am more aware of the choices I make and how my nutrition affects my exercise and vice versa. Exercising makes me want to eat healthier, and eating healthier helps my workouts! It’s a win/win!

What obstacles did you have to overcome to join and how did you overcome them?

It wasn’t so much an obstacle I had to overcome to join, it was just that I finally was fed up with feeling unhealthy.

I actually remember the day sitting at work when I realized I had had enough and needed to make a change. I had gained weight, was tired a lot, and knew I wasn’t eating right. I saw an ad on Facebook for a three week Bootcamp at PNF. I loved the Bootcamp and joined as a member shortly after! It was the best decision I’ve made to try it out! I’m healthier, happier, and have made some amazing friends thanks to PNF!

What are your workouts like now?

I workout 3 to 4 times a week, and take part in mostly the Cardio Power and Boxing Bootcamp classes. I love the variety that each class offers, and I always leave each class feeling like I was pushed enough to really get an effective workout. It’s kind of crazy to say, but I actually crave going to this gym!

What specific results have you gotten since joining?

I joined PNF a little over a year ago, and have since lost 41 lbs. I think more importantly though I just feel healthier and stronger, have more energy, and I don’t tend to get sick. My eating habits and nutrition have improved as well since starting at PNF.

Would you recommend PNF to someone and why?

I definitely would recommend PNF, and have already to several friends and family. I can’t help but talk about all of the benefits of being a member of this gym, how it has improved my overall health, and the awesome staff that work here!

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Mike S

mike_s“Pittsburgh North Fitness offered me a program of functional resistance training, sensible nutrition and the support and motivation that helped shed my excess weight fast. I have lost 42 pounds and am 5 pants sizes smaller than I was 5 months ago. The great thing is their program is also helping me to keep it off for good. Give PNF 30 days and see how they can change your life. They certainly have changed mine.”
– Micheal S.

Jackie S

img_0125I walked into Pittsburgh North Fitness in the Spring of 2012 knowing that I needed a change. Unhappy and unhealthy, I unsuccessfully tried several times to change my habits. 18 months, 50 pounds, and 4 dress sizes later I can say that I have been successful because of Pittsburgh North Fitness. I love starting my day lifting weights and challenging myself with the ever-changing workouts. I not only look forward to the workout, but also to seeing the other people I am training with. I feel like I am part of a community, not an anonymous gym-goer.

The coaches at Pittsburgh North Fitness seem to have an insight into what it really takes to live a healthy lifestyle. They are knowledgeable about training, nutrition, and making it work in the real world. I can’t thank them enough for how they have changed my life.
– Jackie S., member

Carol S

img_1999“When I joined PNF two years ago, I primarily joined to lose weight. What I didn’t expect was the increased confidence, improved health better eating habits and a different perspective on exercise for myself and my family. I have made many ‘gym’ friends, who along with the attentiveness of the PNF staff, help to encourage and challenge me each workout. And make it fun!”
– Carol S., member since 2014

Chris M

img_0758“Since joining PNF in 2012 I have lost three jean sizes and over twenty pounds an have kept it off. At 52 I’m in better shape than I was in my forties thanks to the dynamic and knowledgeable team of trainers at PNF…I have also made many good friends that I look forward to working out with and make each workout fun.”
Chris M., member since 2012

Claire H

img_1998“Pittsburgh North Fitness has become a lifestyle for me. The coaches are not only outstanding people personally, but they know, REALLY know what they are doing.

I have said goodbye to aches and pains, a weak knee, and 4 dress sizes. I have gained a team I trust with my health and fitness…”
– Claire H., member

Angie M

I love everything about this place! I am so thankful that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and joined one of the 21-day challenges. In that short time, I really was surprised by how much stronger I was getting and how much I looked forward to going to the gym! This is unlike any gym I’ve ever tried. It’s always a challenge, never the same, and the trainers are there to help you and push you. It’s the perfect place for all fitness levels!!
– Angie M., member since 2016

Patti H

img_0686“Like no other gym I’ve experienced, PNF is all about their clients and working with us in a way that allows us to continuously improve in a fun, non-competitive, supportive environment. The trainers are very aware of our injuries and work with us every step of the way to make sure we get stronger in spite of these limitations. Give them a try – they’re an awesome group!”
-Patti H., member since 2013

Bonnie A

“I am going on month 2 of my membership. Love the variety of the workouts, love that there are people of all shapes, sizes and ability levels! I feel like they adapt and meet all of our needs. Love all of the different class time options. Worth every penny, give it a try if you are thinking about it.”
– Bonnie A., member since 2015

Dalia M

“I remember walking into another local gym (one of those national big ones where you just feel uncomfortable) and was told after my 1:1 with one of their coaches that I was fat and needed to lose 20% body fat in order to be happy with myself. Needless to say how humiliating that was, I almost cried because I was working out and watching what I ate but the way he said without even thinking about how hurtful his words were was the killer. Then I saw an add on facebook about the fat loss challenge at PNF.

I walked in expecting the same treatment but what I got instead was a welcoming team in the best atmosphere possible where people of all fitness levels are welcome. The is staff just amazing. The second time I came back for a class they greated me by my name and I remember thinking this is weird. What’s weird is how all those other big gyms treat people. I have enjoyed the very challenging workouts and I am in the best shape I have been in years. I lost weight, inches, gained strength but most importantly they made me love the gym again because of how well they treat their members.

Recently my hubby (who has joined now too btw) said that we should move closer to my work because it would be an easier commute to which I replied “I can’t move that far from my gym” never thought I would be adding a gym to my list of why I cant move, but this isn’t your typical gym. I cant say enough about Pittsburgh North Fitness.. THANK YOU all for being such bad asses, but yet so nice and kind.”
– Dalia M., member since 2015

Michelle C

“I have been with this gym almost as long as they’ve had their doors open. I’ve watched them lead but learn, grow but stay rooted. Tammy and Josh have created a culture here unlike any other gym I’ve belonged to. It’s welcoming, caring, hard working, ever evolving and, above all, personal. Whether they are aligning your plank (butt down!) or critiquing your squats (chest up!) you know they are invested in you and your goals. I equate it to having your own personal trainer even though you might be in a group class of 12 ; you are always noticed, you are always guided. This positive attitude carries over to the clients as well and makes for an extremely positive and encouraging environment on the gym floor. I encourage anyone considering this gym to simply go in and talk with one of the owners or trainers. You will be glad that you did.”
– Michelle C., member since 2011