It’s resolution time again!

How did you do with the resolutions that you made last year? Maybe some of your goals got checked off, maybe some didn’t, or maybe you find yourself making the same ones yet again this year.

Making the resolution and setting the goals is the first step. But, if you stop there nothing will happen.

What is needed is a plan of action.

What are the steps that you will take to get to your goal?

What are the challenges that you face?

What beliefs do you have that may get in the way? Do you even believe it is possible achieve your goal?

And why does that little voice in your head keep telling you can’t? What are you afraid? Failure, being judged, getting out of your comfort zone, how life may change if you are successful, compromising other areas of your life, and not knowing what to do are just a few of the common fears that hold people back from achieving their goals.

Set goals for 2018 and then take some time to sit quietly and answer these questions. It is these answers that will lead you to your goal.

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