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“After first walking through the doors of PNF I knew this place was different. For years I struggled with motivation to workout on my own and as soon as I came here that changed.

Now, I’m motivated, I’m consistent, I’m having fun, and I’m seeing results.

For years I drove by PNF and wondered what it was like and I’m so thankful that I finally decided to come in and find out.”

Lori R., PNF Member

“Fitness is important to me because in a way it hopefully means my husband won’t have to take care of me later in life, or worse my kids. One of my greatest benefits of being fit is the wonderful times I’m having with my grandkids whether is on the playground, hiking, kayaking, or racing on the school track on the weekends. Being fit is allowing me to enjoy these moments to their fullest. Also, the stress relief is amazing and I am sleeping the best I have in years. Getting fit was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.”

Joyce M., PNF Member

“Before PNF I tried running on my own and exercise programs online that didn’t really work and my nutrition was not very good. I definitely felt lost with fitness and never knew what to do when I went to the gym by myself.

Now, I try to come here any where from three to four days per week. In the past year I’ve lost about 40 pounds and gained a lot of muscle and strength, in addition to more confidence and feeling better. I’m just over all healthier.

I definitely recommend PNF to everyone and anyone! It’s a great experience, all the trainers are so nice, supportive, and encouraging. I just love it here!”

Maddie S., PNF Member

“Since joining PNF in 2012 I have lost three jean sizes and over twenty pounds and have kept if off. At 52 I’m in better shape than I was in my forties. I have also made many good friends that I look forward to working out with which makes each workout fun.”

Chris M., PNF Member

“Pittsburgh North Fitness has become a lifestyle for me. The coaches are not only outstanding people personally, but they know, REALLY know what they are doing.

I have said goodbye to aches and pains, a weak knee, and 4 dress sizes. I have gained a team I trust with my health and fitness.”

Claire H., PNF Member

“Fitness is important to me because I want to be as healthy as possible to enable me to be active and enjoy a long life.  My gym has taken me out of my comfort zone and I have started making new friendships with other members. I truly believe the healthier we are the better our lives are.”

Sarah J., PNF Member

“Fitness has been important to me for different reasons at different times of my life.  Now, in my 50’s, with a teenage daughter, it’s to be a good role model to her, but also because I feel great when I’m active, have time devoted just for me, and also to be proactive for good health and longevity.

When I exercise consistently and eat healthfully and in moderation I feel great, energetic, inspired and ready to face each day with positive enthusiasm.  When I deviate from this I feel it in all those aspects.  This is why fitness has to be as an essential part of my day just like eating and sleeping.
I have a history of health issues that is long and daunting.  I need to do what I can to be and stay healthy. Plus, life is just all around better when I feel great!”

Patti H., PNF Member


“Fitness to me means feeling and performing at you maximum potential due to increased activity, energy, and eating clean. Before coming to Pittsburgh North Fitness my workouts were very intermittent with little to no results or change in my body, despite how well I was eating. However, working out here is different the workouts are fun and different, I never get bored and best of all I’m seeing results. After having two kids I’ve been able to increase my energy, release stress, and change my body!”


“Fitness to me means an improved quality of life through a healthy mind, healthy body, and a healthy soul. Luckily my profession has always involved physical activity, which has helped me to stay fit. However, my workouts at PNF have made me stronger and increased my cardiovascular conditioning. Time is always the biggest obstacle for me to overcome, but by deciding to just make it a priority by making time a few days per week to workout has made all the difference.”

Katherine & Marius S., PNF Members

“Fitness is important to me so that I am stronger as I get older. I have a job that requires me to be on my feet all day and is hard on my body. Being stronger has taken away a lot of aches and pains that come from my profession, age and past injuries.

I work fitness into my schedule and make it part of my week, because it is a priority. Some weeks are busier than others, but if it’s on my schedule I go. It also has been fun working out with my husband and having time together with him.

I intend to have a lot of years left in this life and I want to live them to the fullest and be the best I can be for my family. I may not be the skinniest and never will be, but I am stronger and have more energy that I have ever had in my 51 years of life.”

Amy P., PNF Member


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